Did you ever think why the loading speed of your website is too slow? And do you know? A slow website is bad not only for the users but also for website ranking. A slow website is ranked lower in search engine result page which ultimately impact the page views and conversion rate as well.

Let’s know about the things which can really make your website super fast:

Compress Text Files:

The text files should be compressed that save a huge amount of bandwidth and provide faster loading speed. It can reduce the download size from 50KB to almost 13KB. Because the pages would load faster so server would be able to deliver more page at the same time. But make sure you don’t compress those files which are already compressed otherwise it will only increase server’s load.

Minimal Use Of Images:

The best and easy solution to increase loading speed is minimized the use of images. We do agree images are important from design and experience point of view but prefer to use fewer images. The popular sites like Google, Ebay and Amazon have fewer images because speed is more important.

Optimization Of Images:

When you have decided which images you want on your website then make sure you optimize each of those images in order to avoid the impact of it on website speed. First of all images should be in gif or jpeg format. An image can be optimized by decreasing the number of colors involved in it. The less the colour you choose the less the size would be. You can use image optimizer to resize the image.

CSS Styles:

CSS Style is a simple HTML code which is easy to use and loads faster. It is best for getting simple but nice text effects. With it the size of a web page gets reduced by 60%. Once its stylesheet is downloaded, it remains saved on user’s computer so for page view only HTML needs to be downloaded that increases the web page download speed.

Minimize The Use Of Flash:

There is no doubt that flash makes your website more attractive but at the same time it increases the load time of the web page so avoid to use flash but if it is actually required then prefer to use it within an HTML site and make sure it loads fast.

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