PHP development is something that is most efficient and low in expense and wins over latest technologies. It is an open source language which is easy to embed with HTML.

The arrival of PHP version 7 and 7.1 is a great achievement in the PHP world. The latest versions have improved a lot with the removal of all drawbacks which were present in old versions.

Let’s have a look on some of the upcoming trends of PHP:

  • Open source, free and user-friendly
  • Compatible with all operating systems and servers
  • Equipped with the latest features
  • Incorporates multiple PHP frameworks

The major improvement is the increased speed of PHP 7 and increased maturity of PHP libraries and frameworks.

PHP scripting can easily compete with other languages and that’s why it is used for highly scalable and business-critical applications.

There is an endless list of PHP frameworks but still there are some of the most favoured frameworks such as Symfony, Laravel, Zend, Yii, Silex, Slim. This language will continue to be popular for a long time to come. You can get proper documentation and support wherever you find yourself stuck to any problem.

The PHP community says that PHP 7+ is the best thing that has happened to the language so far. PHP has entered a whole new era with the introduction of PHP 7. PHP 7.1 that has introduced with speed related improvements that have impacted every PHP framework and library.

The PHP community is very optimistic about PHP 7+ and all the possibilities the new versions offer for projects of all descriptions and scale.

Here is the list of the latest trends in PHP:

Faster speed and less RAM consumption

The new PHP version 7 has doubled the performance of the applications and at the same time it has decreased the consumption of RAM by 50% for processing the request and moreover it has lots of error-fixing techniques and these are the reasons PHP is dominating in all aspects of PHP development.

IoT Solutions

Now it is possible to write asynchronous code that is able run number of tasks by using the same script. It provides better data exchange between connected devices. And happily now it is possible to create a PHP application that uses GPS data gathered from an IOT device. With this GPS sensor which is connected on your Android phone can send its location and PHP application is able to publish that data on your site.

Static Header Bar

By making the header bar stable to the top of the web page, the website will give easy and fast access to the services required to be access in less time. It is good for brand promotion as brand name would remain fixed at the top and derive maximum attention of the visitors. The more they see the brand name the longer it would remain in their mind.

The American enterprises are expecting that by 2025, it would be able to run 10 applications at the same time. However, it still holds the lead position in the development. This is the framework that enable you to create an application quickly and smoothly.

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